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The GBS-C AIO (Gonbes Control All In One) is by far one of the most feature packed and easy to use scalers for retro gaming and retro computing.

High quality scaling has never looked so good.  


The GBS-C AIO is our open source add-on board for the GBS 8200 running the Gbscontrol custom open source firmware by Rama and others.

The GBS-C AIO key features are: 

  • Very low lag, less than 1 frame.

  • High quality upscaling for nearly all retro game systems and computers - anything pre 2000s   

  • Fast resolution switching between 240p and 480i video signals - output to the display never drops sync

  • Motion Adaptive deinterlacer that engages automatically and is superior to most BOB deinterlacing and BOB deinterlacing is available should you want it

  • Easy to  navigate interface via web browser

  • Color reproduction with auto gain and auto offset for the triple 8 bit @ 160MHz ADC

  • Zero Lag bypass capability for transcoding video

  • Simplified power management compared to other DYI GBS-C set ups

  • Acrylic and PCB style case options 

  • Inputs: SCART(RGBS), Component (YPbPr), VGA(RGBHV)

  • Outputs: VGA/YPbPr 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1280x720,1920x1080, 720x480/768x576  and Source Pass-through.HDMI 720P/1080P. only one VGA or HDMI output at a time on the GBS8200 

  • Fast downscaling at 240P via VGA/YPbPr 

  • Built in Sync Strike that can be turned on and off

  • Open Source (All files to be released shortly)

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Built with knowledge 


Jacob Proctor 

A.K.A. Tinker Plunk

Long known in the retro world for his open source hardware designs for gaming and computing, Jacob brings his high quality and proven designs expertise to the GBS-C AIO to deliver the easiest and most complete GBS-C experience.



Expert maker and moder, Zerohimself is well known in the MiSTer FPGA community for making some of the most high quality add-on boards. His production facilities will be able to make sure the GBS-C AIO boards are always available.    



GBS-C AIO Visionary and Hypeman. amoore2600 is passionate about bringing the GBS-C AIO as an open source product to the masses. His many videos testing the GBS-C show what a powerful scaler the GBS-C AIO can be.


Open Source

It is our strong aspirations to see the GBS-C AIO as an open source project. We make available all files needs to create your own GBS-C AIO addon board from scratch just bring your own GBS 8200. 

Our github repository is 

Our github repository includes a basic BOM, Gerbers (PCB plates and AIO Board), KiCad source files and acrylic plate files.

The recommended additions and modifications to the GBS 8200 Scaler are:

  1. Remove the pots

  2. Clock mod - use SDA and SCL pads on the AIO board for easy installation.

  3. Replace c47 with a 22uf cap to compensate for the increased power draw from the clock mod.

  4. Add a a resistor value in parallel with r26 to correct the ypbpr output brightness.

  5. Replace the 150 ohm resistor on r26 if it is outside of 1% tolerance.

This project uses the GBScontorl firmware by Rama -

AIO board inspired by amoore2600, design by Jacob Proctor (Arithmaldor)